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Welcome to the WFNRS

The WFNRS is an umbrella organisation composed of national and regional neuroradiological societies from around the world, and has an Executive Committee with representatives from all continents. Its role is to promote connectivity and collaboration across the globe, to provide a dynamic, inclusive and growing network, and to support the aspirations of member societies around the world. The Federation also has a role in reaching out to developing areas, including newer and smaller neuroradiology societies.

our key purpose

To promote well-being and global health


Through the application of an energised, dynamic, inspired, interactive network of Neuroradiology Associations across the world.

our network

A new


A growing collaboration between societies from across Africa, Asia, Europe, Pan-Arab world, and North and South America.

Our partners

To support your aspirations


We are here to support our member societies’ education and training programmes, research collaboration, and operational delivery.

Young Leaders Forum

Our dynamism, our energy, our foundation

Our Young Leaders Forum is an extraordinary grouping of some of the most inspired and inspiring young Neuroradiologists from around the world, and is the heart-beat of the Federation. The Forum is helping to direct our strategy and is refreshing our network, and represents the future face of Neuroradiology.

Our Teachers

Our teachers and trainers – the Federation’s greatest strength

We have the privilege and honour to be associated with teachers, trainers and mentors of unparalleled experience and insight. They are the foundation stone on which the Federation is built upon.

Our Travel Grants

WFNRS Travelling Grant Program

The WFNRS Travelling Grant Program intends to foster the development of young neuroradiologists by financially supporting their attendance at major neuroradiological conferences organised by AOSNR, ASNR, ESNR, SILAN, and Symposium Neuroradiologicum. Previous award winners are celebrated here.

Applications for Travelling Grants to the ESNR SILAN conference in Puerto Varas, Chile on 23-26 October 2024 are invited. Click here for details of how to apply.

London, September 2026

Symposium Neuroradiologicum XXIII

Join us at the 23rd celebration of the Symposium, a gathering of some of the greatest teachers in the world, in a truly international and inspirational setting in London, September 2026. Details of the Symposium will follow in due course.

Get in touch

Contact us

We are a welcoming federation of national societies, and your society is invited to become part of the network. Please contact Vartan Balian from our Membership Committee.

We are very happy to receive contact, requests and comments from individuals also. New engagement and conversations are what our network is all about.

President: wyguo@wfnrs.org

President-Elect: daniel.birchall@wfnrs.org

Membership Committee: vartan.balian@wfnrs.org

Senior Administrator: klyp@asnr.org