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Previous Winners

WFNRS Travelling Grant Winners

Left to right: Dr Pia Sundgren (WFNRS Secretary), Dr Wan-Yuo Guo (WFNRS President), Dr Chia-Hung Wu (award winner), and Dr Daniel Birchall (WFNRS President-Elect) at ASNR 2024

WFNRS Travelling Grants have been awarded to the following to the following Young Neuroradiologists.

May 2024

ASNR, Las Vegas

Dr Chia-Hung Wu, MD
Department of Radiology
Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Taipei, Taiwan

August 2023

AOCNR, Singapore

Dr Anisha Gehani, MD
Department of Radiology
Tata Medical Centre
Kolkata, India

Dr Vineet Gorolay, MD FRANZCR
Department of Radiology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Sydney, Australia

September 2023

ESNR, Vienna

Dr Vasco Sousa Abreu, MD
Department of Neuroradiology
Centro Hospitalar Universitario de Santo Antonio
Porto, Portugal

Dr Aynur Azizova, MD
Department of Radiology
Amsterdam UMC, VU University Medical Center
Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 2023

ASNR, Chicago

Dr Quirien Robbe, MD
Department of Radiology
Maastricht University Medical Center
Maastricht, Netherlands

Dr Valentina Orozco, MD
Department of Radiology
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Medellin, Colombia